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Videos about the Computer Bulletin Board System Scene (BBS) of the 80's. These private individuals were the pioneers of early electronic communications. Using old tech dial up modems they bounced Fidonet network ftsc mail packets worldwide. Though most of those early bbs systems are gone, many like Doc's Place BBS are still online today providing Fidonet BBS access through http and telnet, and are quite active despite their text based interfaces.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 8

    BBS Documentary - 8

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    No Carrier wishes a fond farewell to the dial-up BBS and its integration into the Internet. Many of there old BBSes are online today keeping the legend online for future generations to see.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 7

    BBS Documentary - 7

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    Compression tells the story of the PKWARE/SEA legal battle of the late 1980s and how a fight that broke out over something as simple as data compression resulted in waylaid lives and lost opportunity.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 6

    BBS Documentary - 6

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    HPAC (Hacking Phreaking Anarchy Cracking) hears from some of the users of "underground" BBSes and their unique view of the world of information and computers.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 5

    BBS Documentary - 5

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    Artscene tells the rarely-heard history of the ANSI Art Scene that thrived in the BBS world, where art was currency and battles waged over nothing more than pure talent.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 4

    BBS Documentary - 4

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    Fidonet covers the largest volunteer-run computer network in history, and the people who made it a joy and a political nightmare.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 3

    BBS Documentary - 3

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    Make it Pay covers the BBS industry that rose in the 1980's and grew to fantastic heights before disappearing almost overnight.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 2

    BBS Documentary - 2

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    Sysops and Users introduces the stories of the people who used BBSes, and lets them tell their own stories of living in this new world.

  • Popular BBS Documentary - 1

    BBS Documentary - 1

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    Baud introduces the story of the beginning of the Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS.) This documentary video includes interviews with Ward Christensen and Randy Suess, who used a snowstorm as an inspiration to change the world.

  • Popular BBS Telnet Tour Video

    BBS Telnet Tour Video

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    Fidonet BBS Telnet Tour Video. See how we connected by dial up modem to send messages worldwide before the net went public.